digital & tangible things


Solution driven | Whimsical | Direct | Literal

Producing engaging designs & art direction for people and brands.


I’m passionate about branding, content creation, and eCommerce, I am driven by a mission to work for brands and companies that inspire happiness. In a world with increased digitization and consumer choice, companies have the opportunity to persuasively engage consumers with the brands and service offerings targeted towards happiness and personal well-being. 

After an initial 3-year career in fashion and lifestyle industries as a photo editor with leading media companies including BuzzFeed, I relocated from New York to Atlanta to attend my Master of Arts in Advertising program at Savannah College of Art and Design. I pivoted because I find that advertising and marketing allow me to be way more dynamic and influential in driving consumer engagement, customer experience and how people choose to interact and engage with products and services. This is ever so impactful through Digital media!

What makes me highly effective is my natural, out of the box thinking, great communication skills coupled a joy for creating tangible and intangible marketing collateral, telling the brand story, and measuring the effectiveness of marketing in creating tangible results for the consumers. I am attentive – aware of the small details with a knack for balance logic with creativity. My background in photo editing and skill set in marketing and graphic design enhances my visual aesthetic and allows me to quickly pinpoint a problem and develop a variety of design solutions.

I bring experience as a Web Design Intern at Astral Brands, where I handled a high amount of web design maintenance that included mobile and desktop homepage banner updates, liaison between Astral Brands, performance marketing agency, and digital merchandising of products.
Our team successfully increased the click to open rate for PÜR Cosmetics Simple Sunday email series by 22% and increased revenue in PÜR Cosmetics sale products by 21%.